1. Make Bing Ads Editor 9.6 efficient in updating and syncing data!!!  ·  Completed

  2. Have an "archive" option for campaigns to clean up the UI (all data should be still accessible - but not modifiable!)

  3. Columns in report Gender and Age  ·  Started

  4. add Share of voice, as a metric to the UI data tables at the campaign, ad group and keyword level  ·  Completed

  5. To be able to compare data from two periods of time.  ·  Completed

  6. Collect Data from your Users, What Browser they use, Etc IE 7,8,9.

  7. One of our customers provided a feedback, in Google, you can verify the goal created to see what percentage of data it would have matched o

  8. I would like to be able to download the report in the Accounts Summary Tab to easily see data for the spend on multiple accounts.  ·  Completed

  9. Pls allow for account owners/managers to view geo-specific and time of day/day of week conversion data in the acct UI, not just reports

  10. Please make sure that the data is reflecting real time information. It has been delayed seriously recently.  ·  Completed

  11. add incremental bidding % info to change history report  ·  Started

  12. When I set up my data columns and save them in UI for future use it doesn't seem to hold and then I'm required to repeatedly reset them?

  13. Issue with Bing Ads.

  14. Ability to report on Account Level Search Impression Share directly within the interface, similar to Google AdWords  ·  Completed

  15. For Agency Management, for an Agency to be able to pull a “Master Report” with basic client data.  ·  Completed

  16. Provide a Google Click ID Equivalent - (It's already behind the scenes as the msclkid param)  ·  Completed

  17. Ad customizer  ·  Started

  18. Make Ad Diagnosis and Preview Tool ACCURATE Instead of Intermittantly INACCURATE

  19. custom formula columns  ·  Started

  20. Cost Parameter in URL Tracking

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