1. Location of Users Reported in the Interface

  2. UTM tagging for all URL's across Bing Ads  ·  Completed

  3. Allow All Keywords To Be Shown Across The Account

  4. When I set up my data columns and save them in UI for future use it doesn't seem to hold and then I'm required to repeatedly reset them?

  5. Need to Improve the domain knowledge of the support team

  6. I need a new category for my business

  7. Add conversion metrics to "search terms" view in keywords list  ·  Completed

  8. Need True Entire Time Statistics Available, Especially for Bing Ad Editor, Not Just 366 Days or 2 Years, Follow Google AdWords

  9. Allow automation with scripts/code snippets  ·  Completed

  10. Account Balance - Reporting - Add an option in reporting that allows users to produce a report of their account balance

  11. Allow agency accounts to create client accounts that can later be taken out of the agency

  12. Enable Auto-Tagging of Destination URLs for Analytics Tracking  ·  Completed

  13. Desktop tool - Add a "Feedback" feature in the tool itself like AdWords Editor's  ·  Completed

  14. BingAds Needs this Update

  15. Correct filter in Bing Ad Editor so that account exports can filter for Active Ad Groups within Active Campaigns instead of just campaigns.  ·  Completed

  16. What about a "contact form" that actually exist? I'm trying to find it and it is nowhere to be found.

  17. Do not count some Conversions, under "conversion" column

  18. For Agency Management, for an Agency to be able to pull a “Master Report” with basic client data.  ·  Completed

  19. Agency access to credit card information

  20. Restore/ Re-Enable Deleted Campaigns, Just Like AdWords  ·  Declined

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